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Depending on the dynamic that you add to the team, your job description may include any or all of: hot tub assessment and repair, hot tub moves, and/or organization and stocking of inventory. No specific hot tub related experience is required, but is definitely an asset. Base pay will depend on your level of and type of experience at the time of hiring, and will be adjusted over time based on what is being contributed as you learn and grow.

We aim to invest in our employees and create a positive environment where everyone, customers and employees alike, feel that they are well taken care of. Please review the following requirements of this job if you are interested in the idea of becoming a possible long-term member of our team.  


  • A good attitude
  • A willingness to be transparent about mistakes and to learn and grow from experiences — to embark on a growth journey, professionally and personally
  • Asking for help when you need it. That means NO GUESSING when you aren’t sure what to do
  • Treating others with respect
  • Physical ability to meet the sometimes high physical demands of the job
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Valid driver’s license, with the possibility of using your own vehicle
  • Personable

This is a full time position. However, hours may vary seasonally above or below 40 hours per week. Busy times are spring and fall. Winter is often slow.

Preferred Skills or Background:

  • Mechanically inclined, and comfortable working with hand tools and power tools
  • Background in plumbing, electrical, automotive, farm
  • Background in customer service

Please submit your resume to


(Starting $13 – $20/hr)