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Effortless Portable Fun. Introducing the Softub

Just Roll, Connect & Enjoy!

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With a Softub Everything is Included! Start enjoying your tub right away

Why Choose Softub

Softubs are infinitely portable

Our largest Softub® Spa weighs only 80 lbs. It is so light it can be rolled into place by one person. Softub® Spas has taken easy installation to a new level, making it the most portable, full-featured spa in the world. You are never limited to one location. Moving? Take it with you. Houseboat? No problem. Softub® Spas are perfect for outdoor and indoor use and roll through any standard doorway or gate.

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Effortless Warmth

Heats Without a Heater

The Softub® Spa was developed with our Patented Heat Recovery Technology which incorporates the pump motor and heating unit into our single HydroMate® system. It plugs into a standard dedicated 15 amp/115 volt outlet, energy costs are about $15-$20 a month.

Looks Are Everything

High-end Aesthetic Design

Softub® Spas are available in seven designer exterior colours which compliment any decor. Softub® Spas are hand-crafted and rigorously tested to the highest standards. Softub® Spas aren’t just beautiful - they are durable!

Prairie Ready

Designed to Withstand All Environments

Softub® Spas are designed for outdoor living; made from top quality marine-grade vinyl to ensure many years of enjoyment. Softub® Spas are manufactured in Northern Ontario, meaning they can withstand harsh Canadian winters. Bring on the sun, rain, frost and snow. You can enjoy your Softub® Spa every day indoors or outdoors!

It's All Here

Everything Is Included

With your purchase, you get the Softub® Spa, HydroMate® PowerPakTM, High Density Insulated Cover, Security Locking Straps, Underwater LED Illumination and a five-year limited warranty (the best in the industry).

Just Relax

The Most Comfortable Hot Tub

Softub® Spas are constructed for unsurpassed comfort. The soft, yet incredibly durable design of the PolybondTM interior provides comfort for any position. With our open design, there is no assigned seating, hard or slippery surfaces or hidden depths. Softub® Spas provide the perfect hydrotherapy environment allowing freedom of movement.