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We're Unaffiliated Hot Tub Repair Experts

We fix hot tubs in Saskatoon and the surrounding area

(About a 2 hour drive outside of town)

Why Unaffiliated?

We don’t discriminate! If your hot tub is need of repair, we’ll be there to help.

We fix hot tubs outside of the often too rigid or complicated confines of warranties, and we don’t play favourites when it comes to brand, make or model.

Full Testimonials

Thanks to Unaffiliated Hot Tub – the old Arctic Spa has been resurrected!!! 4 yrs we’ve been thinking there was nothing we were able to do with it! Carlos showed up with his tools and spent the day upgrading the control panel and all the rest of the stuff I knew nothing about. We’re in Aberdeen and the bill was a pleasant surprise!! Can’t thank these people enough!!! We’ll have a GREAT year because of them and their talented employees!!!

Tracey G
Aberdeen, SK

In the past, I have been able to solve most problems myself with the help of Google and friends. The most recent issue was beyond my capabilities though so I reached out to the internet. Thankfully, Lauren responded and was extremely helpful and responsive to my questions.

When the time came to face the fact that my spa pack was ready to be replaced Lauren made the decision an easy one. I was very appreciative of Lauren’s professional and honest communication. While I realistically could have taken Lauren’s advice and completed the job myself I felt that I would rather have the job done by a professional. I do not regret that decision.

Lauren worked within my schedule and price range and showed up well equipped to do the job. I highly recommend Lauren as a trusted hot tub advisor and repair guy.

Larry J
Humboldt, SK

Unaffiliated Hot Tub Home Care was the answer to our long time, unused hot tub.

We bought our hot tub when our children were younger and still at home. We loved it – the kids had friends over, we sat as a family at the end of a day and chatted or if we wanted to just wind down on our own, we could step out the back door and relax. Then after several years – it stopped working. We called the store that sold it to us and they sent someone out – their advice – not worth fixing. Of course the next logical thing would be to buy another one and preferably from their store. But we didn’t. We like to fix and use again if possible so it sat. We thought about turning it into something else like a garden but really, just wanted it for its original purpose. Our kids are grown and have their own kids now, and one of them lives in this home with her family.

So when I heard about Lauren Penner through the Raj Manek Mentorship program, I called him immediately and he made an appointment with our daughter to check out the hot tub. Rates were reasonable and he made no promises other than to say he would see what he could do. I appreciated that. He told us what it would take to fix and gave us options to consider. When we made our choice, the work was done quickly, tested, and for much less than it would take to get another hot tub, we have our family hang out back, now in the hands of the next generation. When we visit we will be able to enjoy the investment we made so many years ago.

Not only would I highly recommend Lauren and his Unaffiliated Hot Tub Home Care, I would encourage you to extend the life of your asset rather than buying new if you don’t have to. We are avid sustainability people so fixing vs buying is always our first option. Lauren helped us do that when the Affiliated repair person didn’t. Thanks Lauren!

Monica K
Saskatoon, SK