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Hot Tub Control System Upgrades

Unaffiliated Hot Tub Home Care in Saskatoon specializes in control system upgrade & maintenance services that ensure your hot tub is always performing at peak efficiency.

A hot tub’s control system is in charge of managing your tub’s pump, blower, and heater. It’s the electronic brain of your hot tub.

Upgrading your hot tub’s control system can give your spa a new lease on life. We’ll replace out of date, unreliable electronics with affordable replacements. And we can also add additional upgraded features, such as the ability to monitor and control your hot tub anywhere in the world there is an internet connection so winter weather no longer causes any stress.

When it’s time to breath some new life into your well-loved hot tub, get in touch with us for a control system upgrade.

Trouble with your control system? Time for an upgrade?

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