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We’re doing August right with a special on Ouster Plumbing Cleanse, originally priced at $23, now available for just $15!

  • Ouster Plumbing Cleanse 1 oz

    Ouster Plumbing Cleanse is a concentrated liquid cleaner that is designed to remove inanimate contaminants and other hidden gunk that build up over time in hot tubs.


But that’s not all – every web purchase in August not only gives you cleaner pipes but also an exciting chance to win! Secure your entry into a draw for two free tickets to the adrenaline-charged Valley Street Stock 100 on September 9th at the Sutherland Automotive Speedway.

Don’t let this deal slip through the cracks. Keep your hot tub running clean and enter to win a chance to rev up your September! 🚗💨

Photo: Sutherland Automotive Speedway